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Ethereum Conference

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Ethereum Conference

Ethereum is a leading cryptocurrency. However, did you know that it is also an open-sourced platform for writing decentralized applications? The Global Blockchain Conference in Denver Colorado on October 3 and 4 2019, a major Ethereum conference, seeks to expand minds and improve the use of the framework.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. However, the foundation seeks to be so much more. The creators seek to be the world’s leading programmable blockchain.

The platform wishes to build an internet where money and payments are built but also an internet where users can own their data. Applications should not spy and steal from the end-user. Ethereum’s creators fully embrace this vision.

How can blockchain build a better internet?

An internet is not necessarily the Internet. It is a global computer network providing information and communication facilities.

Blockchain facilitates highly securable and verifiable information sharing. Unwarranted access and manipulation of information on the network are much more difficult than with more traditional distributed systems.

By connecting computers with the intent of sharing vital information in a way that is more secure, blockchain can help create an interconnected system where what you share is limited to what you want to share. Blockchain itself takes care of unwarranted access of individual nodes.

How does Ethereum help build a better internet?

Ethereum uses innovative technology to help create a system that protects your financial transactions. It is the basis for the wildly popular cryptocurrency.

The platform offers developers the capability to build the same sort of protections into their applications. The power of a cryptocurrency is in the hands of every developer if the task calls for decentralization and information security.

What are the limits of the Ethereum platform?

The Ethereum platform and other blockchain platforms are not meant to perform heavy lifting. This and other misconceptions continue to limit adaptation and success.

We seek to build a better understanding of the framework. By alleviating misunderstandings and paving the way forward with knowledge, you can create a better blockchain.

Bringing together thought leaders and innovators in Denver

The Global Blockchain Conference is open to anyone with an interest or passion in building secure technologies. We seek to answer critical problems and present growing trends in this rapidly evolving technology.

Companies continue to throw around the notion of using block chain and platforms such as Ethereum without truly knowing what they are. Some see the blockchain as akin to distribute processing systems instead of the way to secure the information they may use. We seek to provide the knowledge necessary to truly build on this secure and capable technology.

Learn more at an Ethereum Conference

If you are interested in learning about deploying the Ethereum framework in your project or participating in blockchain-related development, the Global Blockchain Conference can help. Grow, share, and learn on October 3 and 4 2019.

Visit our website to find out more about this exciting opportunity in Westminster, Colorado. We need your help to build our community.


Ethereum Conference
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Ethereum Conference
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