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hot buffet catering Tampa

Article provided by: ExecChef Catering & Cafes

hot buffet catering Tampa

Hot buffet catering in Tamp allows you to woo potential customers and treat guests to a delicious experience. ExecChef Catering and Cafe offers the freshest and most professional experience possible to please your target market. We strive to be affordable and professional.

Why choose an outside caterer for an event?

Outside caterers understand logistics. We know how to lower costs and produce high-quality foods. Your guests deserve the best. This means preparing high-quality meals tempered to specific tastes.

Vegan plates, rich meats, and delicate deserts create an experience worth remembering. We tailor menus for whichever event you are hosting.

Where can I cater an event?

Catering companies strive to cover any situation. Whether you are hosting a yacht party or a wedding near the bay, you need to provide guests with a meal that works.

ExecChef covers any event. However, we provide specific services for all wedding activities, corporate lunches, social events, celebrations, and even government contractors.

Our founder, William Buck, brings forty years of experience to the hospitality industry. His background includes working with major hotel chains and restaurants, experience he brings to every event.

Why should I use a corporate chef?

Corporate chefs prepare meals for executives, employees, and on demand for special events. High-end catering vastly improves your brand image.

Our meals are designed to impress from the comfort of your building. Whether you are attempting to attract new hires, keep talent, or find the next multi-million dollar contract, we provide an unparalleled experience.

Nourish Cafe is our branded onsite dining solution. We provide menu items of 500 calories or less. This option incorporates the latest food trends while striking a balance between delicious and healthy.

We also offer loyalty points and a digital punch card to make your dining experience exceptional. To show our appreciation, we give you access to exclusive offers, discounts, and more.

Our staff strives to remain professional. We dress for success and hire the best. While our dress code varies depending on the location and event protocol, it is always appropriate.

Can I customize my meal?

Customization is perfect for picky eaters and allows your guests to feel appreciated. We allow you to choose the best menu for your event, one that reflects your vision and theme.

Our chefs are experts in preparation. We accommodate personal preferences and dietary restrictions with ease.

How do caterers price services?

Caterers may offer discounts but the price per plate. Different menu options increase costs. A plate of cheeses from around the world is priced higher than a hot dog or hamburger. Different food types cater to types of audiences.

Exec Chef offers sizzling steaks for as low as $28 and plates of international cheeses and vegetables for $32 per person. Beware of your 48-hour cancellation fee as well.

Contact us today for a full range of prices and to find out how we can make your next event memorable with hot buffet catering. Our company works with you to provide buffets and plates in nearly any venue.

hot buffet catering Tampa
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