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Virtual reality games

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Virtual reality games

Virtual reality games are both exciting and captivating. Cooperative gaming is a reality on this platform. The Magic City ePlex powers your game with Hewlett Packard Omen PCs and VR studio equipment. Get in the game with your friends.

Can I play games with friends in VR?

It is now possible to host your party with VR LAN. Like the networked parties of the past, you can host a local area party with ease.

Big screens and new technologies immerse you in an unprecedented world. You no longer need to split screens. Modern communications keep your team informed of every action.

Train in VR

Training with your team in VR gives you a direct competitive edge. Eliminate distractions while remaining in proximity to teammates. Stay in the game as you wander untethered.

The ePlex provides all the equipment your team needs to succeed. We left no detail untouched with powerful computers and high-quality VR headsets that allow you to roam untethered.

Are there VR competitions?

The VR League is growing. The world’s first Virtual Reality gaming league is now in its third season with prizes reaching upwards of $250000.

The ePlex is uniquely situated to take advantage of this now buoyant league. Our equipment and incubator allow teams to train in a respectful environment.

Where can I find a VR gaming incubator?

The Magic City ePlex offers leagues, tournaments, and a setting to train to be your best. Bring your peers together to game in one of the only venues of its type in the United States.

Our incubator gives teams access to the best in virtual reality. Dedicated staff ensures that our networks power your play with almost no interruption.

What VR games are available?

Racing simulations, first-person shooters, and almost anything you can play on a traditional PC or console is available in virtual reality.

The technology is no longer new. Common games include the first-person shooter Onward as well as the rhythm game saber.

What is the Magic City ePlex?

The ePlex is an esports arena offering a high-quality virtual reality experience. Get together with your friends or enjoy competition. Our mission is to create a proactive environment where no gamer is ever alone. Competition is better with friends.

Our arena seeks to serve every need. Visitors have access to restaurant and bars through our venue. A large sport deserves an equally professional arena catering to the unique needs of the sport.

Virtual Reality Games in Alabama

The Magic City ePlex brings well known virtual reality games to Birmingham. Equipment from Hewlett Packard and VR Studios powers your gameplay.

Our arena seeks to be among the best in the world, bringing a true home to esports in Alabama. Our staff, hardware, restaurants, and tournaments help to provide a coordinated space for gamers. No one should game alone. As an incubator, we also help teams reach their competitive edge.

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Virtual reality games
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